What is it like to go on a photo tour with Local Captures?

Photo tour with Local Captures
The Local Captures Photo Tour Experience

People often ask us, what it is like to go on one of your photo tours.

on tour with local captures
On tour with Local Captures

And the answer is?

It depends...

All the tours that I was able to attend had one thing in common: There was a strong bond, based on a shared passion, between the photographers who led the tours and those who took it.

Some tours are more like technical workshops. They focus on a specific photographic technique, such as night photography, and the attendees are there to learn something new, or to up their game. In every technical workshop I participated in there was a considerable WOW factor with the surroundings in which the workshops took place. That is besides the WOW factor with the learning that happened.

Other tours are more like a field trip. The tour guide takes the guests on tour and shows them places that they might not otherwise have found. Some of those tours focus on photographic issues, such as composition or exposure. Others are more centered around the history and the folklore of the area -- while still making sure that the guests go home with the right shots that they wanted in the first place.

So, like I said before, it depends. But one thing was always true -- our customers always went home happy.

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