Local Captures: a passion-based tribal photo community

Tribal photo community
Tribal photo community

Local Captures is not just another tour company. We are a tour company based on human tribal behavior.

You see, humans still live in tribes. For most of us, the tribes we belong to are not the ones we are born in, but the ones we chose, based on shared passion, shared interest, or shared pain.

People naturally like to hang out with other people who are just like them -- the members of their tribes.

For a more in-depth discussion on the that topic, I invite you to read The Hyper-Social Organization, an award-winning book that I co-authored a few years ago.

That is what Local Captures is based on.

By connecting people with a passion for photography we are building a photo community that is extremely tribal in nature.

In fact we may have a tribe that contains multiple sub-tribes. So there are those who have a passion for photography and travel, we have the ones who share a passion for a specific type of photography (e.g., night photography or light painting), the visual storytellers, the tribe that cares about photography and unique local experiences, the foodies who want to learn how to take great shots of their food experience, those who care about documenting nature conservancy, etc.

For our tour guides, guiding tours is not just a job. They are local photographers with a passion for capturing the beauty and the uniqueness of the places they call home. Even if they did not have tour participants, many of them would do those tours anyway -- because they love it.

That is what makes us different from many other tour companies.

We have big plans for the company and we welcome your feedback as I am sure we will continue to refine our vision and our business model.

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