In the first posting of what hopefully will be become a series, I had the pleasure to interview Cate Brown today. Cate is a very talented and passionate photographer from Rhode Island who is hosting a lighthouse tour of Southern Rhode Island for Local Captures.

In this first interview, Cate talks about what motivates her to do tours for Local Captures, and what she likes about it. She also takes us through one of her recent experiences with a tour participant -- Jim Schubert, who was nice enough to write a blog post about his experience as well.

So together, these two posts give you a 360° view of what it is like to go on tour with Local Captures.

We hope you enjoy, and if you have any feedback for us, do not hesitate to send it to us!

(Note: if you do not have HTML5 or Flash enabled on your browser, just click on the link above to play the interview)

If you cannot play the above video, you can view it on our YouTube channel.

Check out some of Cate's photos from her tour below.


LocalCaptures_Lighthouse_2017_07_3419 Lighthouses of Southern Rhode Island #1
LocalCaptures_Lighthouse_2017_07_3433 Lighthouses of Southern Rhode Island #2
LocalCaptures_Lighthouse_2017_07_3447 Lighthouses of Southern Rhode Island #3
LocalCaptures_Lighthouse_2017_07_3464 Lighthouses of Southern Rhode Island #4
LocalCaptures_Lighthouse_2017_07_3473 Lighthouses of Southern Rhode Island #5

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  1. Jim Schubert July 11, 2017 Reply

    Cate did a masterful job on this tour! I highly recommend letting her show you the secrets these beautiful lighthouses hold.

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