What do people gain from going on photo tour with us?

photo tour

As you can imagine, people get different things out of the experience of going on tour with us.

The number one benefit that people enjoy when they take our photo tours is that the local photographers really know where to take them. They truly get to see the area they are touring like most other tourists don't. They don't have to do the research, we just know where to take them.

A good example of that was the weekend before (Labor Day weekend), when on Saturday we took two participants to shoot the lighthouses of Southern Maine. Even though the usual tourist spots were packed, we were able to take them to places where there were barely any tourists. It gave them a taste for real Maine, with working harbors, rugged coast lines and gorgeous beaches.

The second benefit that participants gain from going on tour with us comes from the tips and tricks they learn -- especially as it relates to composition. By making simple suggestions on how to compose their shot, we enable them to go home with great shots, not just snapshots. And that has been true for DSLR users as well as smartphone users.

Other people take our tours as a photography refresher course. Some do take them to up their game in digital photography, or to gain new skills -- such as multiple exposure shots, long exposure shots, night photography, or street photography.

One commonality among all tour participants is how happy they are with their experience - a testament to the true shared passion of our tour guides and tour participants.

You should try it someday -- it truly is a unique local experience!

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