And Ours Are Really Simple to Understand!

We are not big fans of do’s and don’ts.

We believe instead that if there are a shared set of values that we all live by as we work with our customers; we will consistently provide them with extraordinary photo tour experiences.

Feel free to contact us to discuss our values.

Local Captures Values


Be Human and Treat Others Like Humans

Our customers are humans, just like us. They love being a member of their “tribe” (in this case a tribe of passionate photographers), they enjoy helping others, they like to be treated fairly, and they appreciate it when they are recognized for their knowledge and expertise.

Treat them that way. Treat them as if they were a member of your extended family you are taking on a photo tour – not a “customer."


Care About Value

We care in general and we especially care about providing value to our tour participants. We do everything we can to make the photo tour experience a memorable experience, one that people will want to repeat. Impart your knowledge about photography and the specifics/uniqueness of your photo tour.

We care about fellow tour members, and other members who support us. We constantly think about adding value for them as well, and we look after one another.


Strive for Openness

We want to be as open as possible with our tour participants. Openness is how we gain people’s trust. Things will go awry. You cannot always forecast the weather, or plan for unexpected construction along your tour. When things go awry, don’t try to protect yourself behind a wall of excuses. Talk it over with them, offer them some alternatives, and remind them of our money-back guarantee.

Always be open and honest.


Unleach Passion and Fun

Show your passion for what you do, and try to unleash the passion of your tour participants. Make sure you do not let the tour become a serious affair – keep it fun, encourage people to show you their playful side, let them help one another, inspire them.

Most of all, make sure people can laugh.


Think Safety First

Safety is one of our top priorities. If your tour involves a car rally, don’t turn it into a caravan where people follow one another – give them coordinates and waypoints. If someone shows signs of stress during your tour, don’t push them. Always think of safety first.

Make sure every tour member has an immediate way to reach you.

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