A trip down Artisans Park in Windsor VT

This weekend we took a ride down to Windsor's Artisans Park -- always a favorite Vermont hangout for us.

We love the Silo products, the Harpoon Brewery beers, and the cheeses and other products at the Cheese Board. It is  always fun to take friends to the local Simon Pearce glass blowing factory, where you can actually see glassblowers, and their apprentices, at work.

Since we were there last, there have been two new additions to the Artisan Part -- Oh!Veggies, and Black Hill Preserves, where you can actually book a tour to make your own preserves.

Artisan Park, and its immediate surroundings, is also rich in beautiful imagery -- no matter what the weather is like. From the majestic German-made copper distillery column at Silo, to the glassblowers at Simon Pearce, to the abandoned barns on the road to get there. Also, do not forget the covered bridge over the Connecticut river, which is supposedly the longest wooden covered bridge in the US (see photos below).

Whenever you get a change, get out there and capture the beauty that is around us. If you'd like some company, or some advise on what to shoot and how to shoot it, we have many great photographers in the area who can take you on photo tour in Vermont. Just browse through our Vermont collection for some ideas. And as always, we can customize a tour for your enjoyment.

Abandoned barn in Windsor VT
silo windsor vt
Distillery Column at Silo in Windsor VT
Simon Pearce glassblower
Glassblower at Simon Pearce in Windsor VT