Elizabeth "Lisa" Ryan

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Lisa Ryan grew up in a family of artists and art collectors. A grandfather collected the works of the Danish Impressionists for the Carlsberg Glypotek Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark. Another grandfather was the painter John Graham, who taught some of the Abstract Expressionists in New York.

Lisa graduated from Pratt Institute of Art in 1973. For the next 18 months she worked as a photographer’s assistant, doing photo journalism, industrial and advertising shoots, along with darkroom work. During this time she was invited to participate in September Udstillingen, a young artists’ exhibit in Copenhagen.

In 1975 Lisa moved to Boston to study art therapy. This led to a doctorate in counseling psychology from Boston University in 1986.

In 2003 Lisa began using digital cameras. Always interested in night imagery, it was in 2011, during a course in night photography with Kevin Adams, and a workshop in light painting with Lance Keimig, that she found her way. She has been a night photographer since then.

A founding member of the Images Group, Lisa is one of five photographers who enjoy learning from each other and working on projects together. She is a member of the Duxbury Camera Club and has served on the club steering committee. In 2013 she became a gallery artist for the Plymouth Art Guild. She is also co-organizer of the Greater Boston Night Photographers meetup group with Jürgen Lobert. Lisa was recently invited to join the online group Light Painting Lab.

Lisa’s work has won a number of awards in local and regional competitions. She has been published in the Duxbury Camera Club’s book Images of Duxbury, and in South Shore Living, and Early American Life. Her images have been used by AAA and by the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society. Online publications include a NASA Astrophotography Image of the Day, and Space.com.

Lisa is a workshop leader, lecturer and judge for local camera clubs.

Portfolio: Http://www.imagesgroup.photos/Lisa
Social: http://Facebook.com/elizabeth.ryan.3785

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